Mora Area 
Saturdays, May 1 to October. 8 am - noon

Mora United Methodist Church and Zion Lutheran Church, adjoining parking lots.

Easy access, good parking!
Entrance and  Park:     
        Zion Lutheran, 401 Hwy 65, Mora         or 
        500 Clark St, into Methodist Church parking lot.

Visit the Vendors in the Mora United Methodist Church parking lot. 

Covid-19 changes and precautions: 
+ You will need to stop at the handwashing station before entering our area.
​+ For now, handling products will not be allowed. Vendors will display products for your viewing, will bag and give your purchases to you.
+ Please maintain the 6 ft social distancing guidelines between you and other customers, vendors.
+ Masking is not required but should be used at your own personal discretion.

Mora United Methodist Church
Opening for the 2022 season on Saturday, May 7, 8 am - 1pm. Mora United Methodist Church parking lot, park next door at Zion Lutheran. On Hwy 65, just south of Hospital.

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